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Wudang Mountain in China - Guest post by GuoLaoShi

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Wudang Mountain

1-3 December 2019 Just before the Covid-19

Travel blogpost by Guo Lao Shi - Jacqueline Guo

Wudang Mountain first appeared in the Tang Dynasty, and was greatly rejuvenated during the reign of Ming Dynasty's Ming Dynasty ancestor Zhu Di . For Zhu Di, an emperor who usurped power, it is essential to establish his own name to establish his own name. Therefore, it is particularly important to use traditional religion to brainwash subjects. Zhu Di moved the political capital to Beijing, set the center of religion on Wudang Mountain, and engraved his appearance on the great god Zhenwu Great Emperor in Taoism. On the Wudang Mountain, he built a building to worship this legendary fairy who has never been seen before. In order to advocate and promote Taoism. This may be the means by which the ruler consolidates the ruling position, or the belief of the emperor himself, but in any case, all of this has also made Wudang Mountain known today and made it famous all over the world.

Wudang Culture

A closer look at the World Heritage List will reveal that what is included in the World Cultural Heritage is called "Wudang Mountain Ancient Building Complex". Although I am an absolute layman with architecture, many buildings in Wudang Mountain still surprise people who do not understand architecture. The one that impressed me the most was Nantou's dragon head incense, and one was Taijipo's Jiuqu Yellow River Wall. The dragon head incense in Nanyan Palace is a dragon head-shaped sculpture that protrudes from the cliff. There is a incense burner on it. The direction of the dragon head is facing the golden roof of Wudang Mountain. I lit a joss stick incense, after seeing it, I don’t know if there is a mysterious power.

Another attraction, Taizipo, also known as Fuzhen Temple, is a relatively large attraction in Wudang Mountain. The most amazing thing in it is the design of the Jiuqu Yellow River Wall. The red wall that follows the mountain winds along the mountain. The shape of the wall is undulating like a wave, and the red color is strongly matched with the green glazed tile, which is especially colorful under the blue sky.

In addition to Yongle the Great Emperor Zhu Di, I think another person who made Wudang Mountain is Mr. Jin Yong ( Louis Cha Leung.yung ) Those who have watched Mr. Jin Yong’s martial arts dramas and martial arts novels are no strangers to the word “Wudang”. Although Mr. Jin’s works can only be called novels and not history, some of the characters and denominations are somewhat related to the real situation. At least Zhang Sanfeng’s historical origins as Taiji masters are valid. Perhaps because of this, when talking about Wudang Mountain, many people will think of Zhang Sanfeng, Tai Chi, Wudang Wushu, Taoism and so on. There are still many people who come to Wudang Mountain to practice exercises, and many of them are foreigners who come here to see the influence of Wudang culture in the world.

Schedule (3D2N)

Depart from Wuhan and drive for 5 hours to Shiyan.

Two nights and three days itinerary, 2 nights live in Nanyan in the scenic area.

On the first day, I went to Yuxu Palace, which is located outside the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area. Tickets are free.

Entered the scenic area the next day, went to Nanyan Palace in the morning, and went to Zixiao Palace, Taizipo and Xiaoyao Valley in the afternoon.

On the third day, take the cable car to the Golden Dome early in the morning and return to Wuhan in the afternoon.

Day 1

On the way to Wudang from Wuhan in the morning on 1st Dec. 2019 . ( 5 hours )

Day 1

Visit Yuxu Palace after lunch at Jun Zhou Fu.

Day 1

Check in Tai Chi hotel at Nanyan.

Day 1

My Room in Tai Chi Hotel for 2 days.

Day 2

Good morning Wudang!

In the mountain. It was snowing at night.

In the mountain. After a whole night of snowing

Day 2

Places around Nanyan .

Nanyan Palace, went to Zixiao Palace, Taizipo and Xiaoyao Valley in the afternoon.

Day 2

Heavy snow thru the night. Made the mountain totally covered in snow.

Day 2

Wudang in December 2019.

Day 2

Back to the hotel.

Day 2

View from my l window.

Day 3

Take the cable car to the Golden Dome