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Markus Anecdotes - Appreciation

by Sharon

Ok so Markus is busy, hence this is a little anecdote for the new year. And before we know, today is now Monday 18th January 2021. And for the lunar new year this 2021 is on 12th February 2021, the year of the ox.

Not one for resolutions, but there should be some goals or perhaps none at all, just appreciation.

Appreciate the details, or something on a macro level. Maybe could be the changes that has happened, the improvements.

Perhaps it is the favourite reads, comedy, song, musical and movie, tele series, cartoons, animation, to your devices mobile phone and laptop or tablet. Perhaps simply art or the gadgets and games, or the causes you are passionate about. That interest lies within you.

Hope that year 2021 will truly and sincerely bring you the belief that there can be improvements, a little more pleasant, less stress, and normal. Perhaps cooking that awesome dish, the smell of spice, herbs to baking that cake, or reading the article you are keen on. And for some, making the drink, eg. The Singapore Sling whilst we are at home, on remote, with some chance to go out and taking the Covid-19 precautions.

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