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Markus Anecdotes - It is Spring

Written by Markus with Photos by Markus.

It is Spring again (with summer that will be on 22 June). And as we say in the Netherlands: In Spring all the birds lay an egg. This means that spring has started, grass turns green and early flowers start to bloom. In just a matter of a few weeks, the countryside changes from a brown and grey landscape into a green covered pancake with mustard flowers everywhere. And of course the tulips.

I had always loved the beautiful tulip fields that surrounded my countryside home. The vibrant colors of the flowers and the sweet fragrance of the blooms always filled my heart with joy. With Spring, I eagerly planned our next visit to the tulip fields. I researched different fields and activities we could do and eventually settled on visiting a larger field with more attractions.

The day of our visit arrived, and my Dachshund Roxy and I packed up our car with all our essentials: a picnic blanket, sandwiches, water, and toys for Roxy to play with. As we drove, my excitement grew. I couldn't wait to explore the tulip fields with Roxy again.

As we approached the field, we could see a sea of vibrant colors stretching out as far as the eye could see. There were rows upon rows of tulips of every color imaginable. Roxy seemed excited, wagging her tail and barking as we made our way towards the fields and quickly making friends with another dog.

As soon as we stepped out of the car, Roxy took off running towards the flowers, her nose in the air, and her tail wagging like crazy. I followed her, laughing at her antics, as she ran around, sniffing the flowers and playing with the other dogs. We spent hours exploring the fields, walking around, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

She’s in there, can you find her?

As the sun began to set, we settled down for a picnic, laying out our blanket and enjoying the sandwiches I had packed. Roxy seemed to enjoy the food, gobbling it up eagerly, and occasionally taking a break to sniff the flowers around us.

As we were enjoying our picnic, we noticed a group of people setting up a small stage nearby. Curious, we walked over to see what was happening. It turned out to be a local band setting up for a concert. I was delighted, as I had no idea that there would be live music at the tulip fields.

We settled down on the grass and enjoyed the concert, listening to the beautiful music as the sun set over the fields. Roxy snuggled up next to me, her eyes closed, and her tail wagging slowly to the rhythm of the music.

After the concert, we wandered around the fields a little more, taking in the last moments of daylight. As we made our way back to the car, I realized that this had been the best trip to the tulip fields yet. The combination of the beautiful scenery, live music, and the company of my furry friend had made it truly unforgettable.

As we drove back home, enjoying the peacefulness of the countryside, Roxy suddenly let out a loud bark. I jumped, startled, and turned to see what had caused her reaction. To my surprise, a small bird had landed on the car's side mirror and was looking straight at Roxy. Roxy barked again, trying to catch the bird, but it quickly flew away. I chuckled at Roxy's antics, and she wagged her tail, clearly proud of herself for scaring the bird away. She tends to be proud quickly, also for having to make sure there are no elephants near me. And the proof is there: I’ve never seen an elephant near me.

The sun had set, and we drove through the dark countryside, listening to the sound of Roxy's soft breathing as she drifted off to sleep. I smiled to myself, grateful for the beautiful memories of the tulip fields and the joy that Roxy brought into my life. I knew that I would never forget this trip, and that Roxy would always hold a special place in my heart.

As we arrived back home, I realized that I was starving. I decided to make a delicious dinner to end the perfect day. I took out some chicken breasts and marinated them in my secret blend of spices. I then roasted them in the oven and made a side of roasted vegetables.

Roxy watched me intently as I cooked, her eyes following my every move. I couldn't resist giving her a few bites of the chicken as I carved it, and she gobbled it up eagerly, wagging her tail with excitement.

We sat down to dinner together, Roxy curled up at my feet as I savored every bite of the delicious meal. We talked about our day at the tulip fields, reliving our favorite moments and reminiscing about the new friends we made. Though I talked, I suspect her focus remained on the chicken.

As we finished our meal, Roxy let out a big yawn and snuggled up next to me on the couch. I smiled contentedly, feeling grateful for the beautiful day and the love of my furry friend. I knew that the memories of this day would stay with me forever, and I looked forward to many more adventures with Roxy by my side.

Next we go (again) to the theme-park Archeon. A wonderful place where they allow dogs to enter. She likes it there. Not because of the history one can see, but simply due to a pet piglet living there that she seems to like a lot.

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