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Markus Anecdotes - I can’t believe what I am watching……

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Written by Markus

(Written in Dec 2021 & early Jan 2022) I can’t believe what I am watching……

Now the Netherlands is in full lockdown again and it looks like it will take a while, we more than ever turn to our TV. Is it the best activity we can do? I’m sure it is not. But outside is too cold (just above freezing) and everything is closed.

So what have I been watching? I often see blogs like this come by and all they do is list movies and series from a single provider or platform. What I watch comes from different sources and I’ll describe the top few here.

I watch TV in two ways: one way is to sit down in front of the TV, prepare with tidbits and drinks, and then watch a movie of series. The other way is to have the TV run in the background while I’m doing something else as well.

The streams I watch come from Youtube and Twitch. Aside of the various clips, for example on Youtube its daily dose of internet and let’s game it out. Often I’ll have something running in the background: AyeZee on Twitch. This is a gambling streamer.

Huh? What? You may wonder what is a gambling stream. They are, to put it simply, dudes playing live online casino slots using real money and give commentary to what is happening. You can see them win and lose while playing the latest online gambling slots.

As a background it works perfectly as it is not loud, it is repetitive and their music playlist that is streamed as well can be nice. To top it off, it can be very funny if he wins or sad if he is losing badly.

(These are views base on personal experience)

To my great surprise, after 3 months following his stream I was able to claim and receive 450 euro (from a raffle) to my bank account, a Bose sound system and within coming 2 weeks, I’ll claim an I-phone 13 pro. So in fact, you can say you’re watching a never ending gameshow that is free to watch and join, and has you actually win or earn things and cash, without having to register or even ID yourself. You get “paid” for just being there.

If counted in hours, above streams runs the most, though mostly in the background. But it is not really something you can really get into as there is no story and is quite repetitive. So, as most people, I watch movies and TV series as well.

I won’t go into the details on how my movies and TV series hit my screen, but instead point out what I watch. Regardless, they are streamed or downloaded from various platforms. At this moment, I watch several TV series:

Larry finds that hats open doors

A hilarious comedy series of 30 minutes per episode who speaks his mind without any filers, leading to very funny (and often recognizable) situations. If you liked Seinfeld in the past, then you will love this. It’s been running for many years, so plenty of episodes to bench watch. I love to see how simple every day life situations can escalate from zero to 10 in a matter of seconds. I think secretly we all want to be this guy and say whatever comes to our minds without any filters.

Always sunny in Philadelphia:

Danny Devito birthed by a leather couch

The tales of a group of friends who run a bar in Philadelphia. This is a dark comedy series, where it’s is all about the egos of the bar’s crew, total lack of empathy and politically incorrect opinions. Each episode has its own little storyline, but to see the weird and egocentric personalities grow it is recommended to start at season 1, episode 1.

Some new series I started to watch, but am yet to decide if I continue:

- Peacemaker: Funny as innocence and naïve personalities turn bloody

Started out impressive with beautiful images, but has become boring very quickly

Got all episodes up till now ready to watch, but finished only the first 2 episodes. Not sure what to make of this yet. It doesn’t really push me to “ watch the next episode”.

And I started watching some old classic movies, as the movies that are now coming out, are just crap (not @sharonvu views - Sharon likes most of the Marvel Movies and quite a number of movies from the last three years and this year) . Some of the movies watched recently:

- Start trek movies 1979 and onwards:

You can’t go wrong with a classic!

I hope above gave you some ideas of what to watch and you’ll enjoy it as I do.

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