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How to have a small celebration with catered type food and remotely, while at home?

These are some steps and ideas especially for those that need a gathering remotely with food and drinks:

Find a list of Food places, and base this on a budget from Food Delivery to Catered Gourmet meals to Gourmet meal kits. Examples

And if we don’t have a kitchen, it is best to order food delivery:

Send out your invite, over chat and email to double confirm. And provide a webinar link, could be any of the webinar platforms you like to use or chat platforms at the designated time!

Perhaps to guide your guests, to send them a link of the "virtual catering menu and kit", and drink list, and they could record the video for the group's keeping on how they prepared the food and drinks for the virtual party.

Maybe they would need instructions from you, you could take your mobile, record on how to prep the food, and send them the video over chat or email.

And voila, all the meal packs, would have arrived at the specific time (giving enough time to cook if this is a gourmet kit), and you would have your celebration!

As for the gift, you would have this delivered way beforehand or surprise with a visit:

Via Google Shopping, “type hampers and gifts”

Alternatively pick up an item from our “Concierge menu”.

If you like your drinks and tastings, these are the links I found:

Virtual Wine Tasting as a gathering?

Alternatively, head to the nearest venue for your catering celebrations when your group is able to meet together.

For Singapore please find:

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