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Markus Anecdotes - Friendship Day

Written by Sharon Vu for Markus

July and August, as we approach August 2021, I reflect and about the friendships.

Friendship Day Friendship Day - Wikipedia is a celebration of friendships. Friendship Day, we are able to with social media, stay in touch with friends and family who are friends, who will take care of you or provide camaraderie and friendships and ensure we are able to manage.

Nothing like meeting up for a meal, or for some a beer (International Beer Day) to share this friendship, and to really catch up on things and to meet with the group or with two persons, to talk about your hobby, work and personal stories and for some, through virtual meets.

In the Youthful days, we wear our Friendship bands and stack them on our hands. I still have friendship bands, and usually the friendship bands are good cheer factor especially to brighten the clothes, and to wear to the beach or park.

“Funny how time flies,” though is a cliché quip, that every day is about the journey, notes and talking about through chats 😊 , the happenings of the day. Happy Friendship Day, cheers!

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