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Drone flying

If you are thinking of reskilling and upskilling, I thought this is interesting!

🔥🔥‍ *Become a Drone Pilot* 🔥🔥 & gain first-mover advantage to join industry leaders like Amazon, *Google*, Zipline, *Domino’s Pizza* in the 🔥 *BOOMING drone-based logistics*🔥 🤔🤔Considering a Career Change or 💪🏼Upskilling to be Future-Ready? 🕹 *Master Drone Flying for 📹Surveillance or 🎁Delivery* 🚁 Join this 4 days Course to be equipped with the knowledge of operating a drone in a confident and safe manner and to prepare yourself for the *Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Licence (UAPL)* assessment.

The course is available in Singapore. The TikTok video is cool!

Dates: 23,24,30,31 October 2020 Singaporeans *aged 40 or more* qualify for MCES subsidy of 90%😮 🔊To register kindly call/PM 📲 *94387268* or go to this link **

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