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Banyan Tree Holdings Marks Earth Day 2020 With Launch of 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Banyan Tree Holdings, one of the world's leading independent, multi-branded hospitality groups, marks Earth Day 2020 with the launch of Rooted in Sustainability, its commemorative book traversing the emotional architecture underpinning Banyan Tree's 25-year sustainability journey. Its story is one of transformation: a promise that became a commitment, turning an idea into an ideal and impacting many lives made better by the organisation's core philosophy: Embracing the Environment, Empowering People.

Named after one of the most venerated trees in Asia, banyan trees can live for centuries, standing firmly, resilient against time and tide, a symbol of constancy in an ever-changing world. Its vast canopy provides shelter for weary travellers whilst its roots are deeply entrenched in its foundation, holding true to meaningful heritage with the memories of a time gone by.

The book highlights not only the journey of Banyan Tree as a company, but the realisation of a concept, which at first is unbeknown to its founders, Executive Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping, Senior Vice President Ms Claire Chiang and Senior Vice President Mr Ho Kwon Cjan. Their single-minded ideal became intertwined with their vision for the brand, through an organic process of developing their own values and beliefs: tourism, as a powerful force for driving positive change in this world.

To discover Banyan Tree's intriguing sustainability journey read Rooted in Sustainability book here. 

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