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Anecdotes - Do Not Worry

Written by Markus

16 October 2019

A beautiful slide by Gaur Gopal Das. He says: “When followed in life, you are guaranteed, life will be different. When applied in life, we can have peaceful night’s sleep.

Do you have a problem in life? Can you do something about it? No? Then why worry?

Why are we bogging our minds with anxiety that does not allow us to have peace of mind?”

Having discovered this to me new way of looking at things, indeed, I have once again peaceful nights of sleep. No longer I worry about the long lists of things I need to do, repeating them over and over again in my mind, scared of what may follow if I do not execute them correctly.

Instead, I write down what I can do before sleeping and with that, accept that I know I can do something about it. Or perhaps I can’t and will willingly admit that to those relevant. Whatever the case, I can once again enjoy my dreams and wake up in the morning knowing what I can or cannot do.

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